Phaidros Healthcare and Algeria’s Pharm and Phyt to collaborate on Africa’s second largest pharma market


Singapore based Phaidros Healthcare has secured another commercialization agreement in the Africa region with Algiers based Pharm and Phyt, a company specializing in the distribution of imported healthcare products.

Initially, 9 products of the therapeutic areas Reproductive Health, Paediatric Care and Family Health will be registered and launched by the partners, including Phaidros’s novel, substance-based medical devices “Fertigel”, a sperm friendly gel for aiding natural conception and “Atrohpyl Gel” for the treatment of vaginal atrophy in post-menopausal women and chemo-therapy related atrophy.

After Egypt, Algeria is the second North African market, where Phaidros gets a foothold with its portfolio.

About Phaidros
Phaidros is a young healthcare company focusing on the development and commercialization of strongly differentiated non-prescription drugs and medical devices, especially in the therapeutic areas reproductive medicine and intimate care.
The company has offices in Singapore and Berlin.

About Pharm and Phyt
Pharm and Phyt Laboratory, established in 2013, is specialized in the field of nutrition, hygiene and pharmaceutical products for the Algerian market.
The company combines importation and local production and is one of the leading producers of food supplements in Algeria