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Our range covers the area of cosmetics, food supplements and medical applications. Our high quality standards and customer focus have allowed us to build a broad range of products serving our customers since many years.



In BonaVidea®, we combine scientifically validated active ingredients with highest quality manufacturing processes, to offer consumers around the world a range of value added non-prescription products. While we offer a broad range of brands under the BonaVidea® umbrella, we focus our development efforts on the therapeutic areas reproductive health and intimate care.



Acudermis is the brand name under which we commercialise our micro-needle technology platform. This proprietary technology allows active ingredients to be deposited into the epidermis through the use of painless micro-needles. Applications include the deposition of hyaluronic acid and peptides to combat wrinkles and fine lines. We are actively researching and aim to develop additional indications for this technology.



BonaShield Biospray® is a liquid mineral salt solution with specific, electrolysis-induced physiochemical and catalytic characteristics. Through this process the solution becomes electrochemically activated. The REDX-800+® solution of BonaShield Biospray® works by oxidizing pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold, spores, algae, yeast, etc.), hence neutralizing them without causing resistance. It reliably combats biofilm, even at room temperature. It is environmentally friendly, certified as an organic compound and is completely biodegradable.

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