Phaidros Healthcare and Emirates based Health Way Limited, sign commercialization agreement for 8 countries of the Middle East region.


In a drive to further expand market presence of Phaidros’s BonaVidea portfolio, the company has secured a partnership agreement with Health Way Limited, an Emirates-based healthcare company. The deal will comprise 16 products from several therapeutic areas and will cover 8 territories, namely: Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon, UAE, Iraq, Kuwait and Qatar.

“While over the course of the last years, we have solidified our presence in ASEAN, we are now glad to be able to expand beyond our home turf and feel privileged to have found a strong, growth focused partner such as Health Way. We are further eyeing expansion in regions such as Africa and South America and are confident to be able to access additional territories soon”, says Marc Wiethuechter, Managing Director of Phaidros Healthcare.

About Phaidros
Phaidros is a young healthcare company focusing on the development and commercialization of strongly differentiated non-prescription drugs and medical devices, especially in the therapeutic areas reproductive medicine and intimate care.
The company has offices in Singapore and Berlin.

About Healthway
Health Way Limited is a trusted health care partner in the Middle East, believing in introducing international healthcare companies to the most potential markets through professionalism, integrity & passion for success.
Health Way Limited is in Ras Al-Khaima International Corporate Center serving the GCC & Levant countries